• Standard Floor Plan Package: Includes all interior and exterior walls (including wall thickness where measurements are possible), glass storefront walls (including accurate frame width and panel spacing), exposed columns & beams, doors, windows, stairs, casework, appliances, major mechanical items (HVAC units & Water Heaters) and plumbing fixtures. With this option, the rooms will be labeled and the walls dimensioned.

  • Detailed Floor Plan Package: Includes everything in the standard floor plan package plus the addition of dimensioned exterior spaces accessible from the interior of the building including porches, balconies and attached decks/patios, door and window sizes noted at each opening location and dimensioned, window header heights noted at each window location, interior soffit locations and ceiling heights noted for each room.

  • Exterior Elevations Package: Available as an add-on to either floor plan package. Includes front, rear, right and left side exterior elevations that show exterior elements including walls, windows, doors, eaves, roof lines, chimney, covered porch columns & beams, and finish material annotations.

  • Electric & Lighting Package: Available as an add-on to either floor plan package.   Includes location of lighting, receptacles, switches, breaker panels, and communication devices. No wire diagram. 

  • Standard Site Plan Package: Locates building footprint and documents all paved drives, walks and parking areas to the nearest street curb or edge of pavement. The site plan also includes the location of exposed utilities, and adjacent buildings within 10' of property. This option does not include dimensions, topography or property line determinations and in no way represents a survey.

  • Detailed Site Plan Package: This package is a dimensioned version of the standard site plan package. The length of each building wall will be noted, the building footprint will be dimensioned from the nearest street curb or edge of pavement. Paved driveways, walks and parking lots will be dimensioned from the building footprint and/or the nearest street curb or edge of pavement.