• Step 1 – Initial Consultation: The first step is to schedule a meeting in which you will provide me with your lot or land survey plat, project address, conceptual ideas, sketches, preliminary drawings, floor plans and photographs, basically anything you have that will help me visualize your ideas. The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" definitely applies here! This meeting can take place in person or via phone and/or email exchange. We will discuss lay-out options, square footage requirements, interior and exterior design features, as well as any special amenities you wish to have included in your new home. At the end of this meeting, if you decide to move forward, a design services agreement will be signed and a deposit of $250.00 will be due.

  • Step 2 – Conceptual Design:  I will begin the design process by creating a basic preliminary floor plan which will include all interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, casework, appliance and plumbing fixture locations. At this stage, I will only have room the name, room length x width and ceiling heights labeled in each room or space. Once I have the preliminary floor plan completed I will submit it for your review and we will discuss any changes you want to make. After I make the required adjustments to the preliminary floor plan, I will begin the design of the exterior. The preliminary exterior design will consist of basic exterior elevation drawings of the front rear and each side of the house and will show the outline of the house walls, eaves, roof lines, windows and doors. Once I have the preliminary elevations complete I will submit them along with the updated floor plan for your review and we will discuss any changes you want to make, if any. Next, we will finalize the exterior design elements and discuss any special requests for the electrical portion of the plan . After this meeting, I will make the final revisions to the conceptual design and prepare to move to the next step. A progress payment of 1/3 of the total job cost will due at this time.

  • Step 3 – Detailing:  After I have 100% approval of the conceptual design & layout I will begin the detailing process.  At this stage I will create the electrical plan as well as a preliminary site plan and submit them for your review and we will discuss any changes you want to make. The detailing process will continue with the addition of construction details, notes and dimensions to the floor plan(s). Design element details will be added to the exterior elevation drawings along with material notes and any necessary dimensions. Door and window schedules will be generated. The roof framing plan will be finalized and detailed. The Foundation plan will be generated including all grade beam locations and section details. Typical wall section details and any necessary building sections will be generated and added. The plumbing plan will be generated which will locate all plumbing fixtures and related walls in relationship to the foundation forms. Last but not least, the cover page will be created which will show an unobstructed front elevation and floor plan along with a site vicinity map, square foot legend, index of sheets and general notes.(NOTE: ONCE THE DETAILING PROCESS STARTS, ANY CHANGES TO THE FLOOR PLAN LAYOUT OR ELEVATIONS WILL INCURE ADDITIONAL FEES). 

  • Step 4 – Deliverables:  This will be the culmination of the process where you will receive your finalized complete construction plan set delivered in PDF format along with the total invoice for the project.  Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, so if after reviewing your completed plan set you find anything that needs clarification or needs to added or omitted please bring it to my attention  for immediate adjustment.  After you have reviewed the drawings and all is as it should be you will be able to email the file to your local print shop to be printed.

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